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To define our working ethos is quite simple. Providing a service above and beyond each and every bride’s expectations, no less than we would expect on our own wedding day.

Once your enquiry hits The Dollz inbox our mission is to make you feel completely confident you’ll blow the socks off your fella’s face when they see you coming down the aisle.

The consultation process usually begins before any correspondence when you land on our website. We aim to ensure The Dollz website reflects our work as one of the industry leaders. Countless hours are spent ensuring there are plenty of resources available for you, from latest looks to skincare tips before the big day.

What you can expect

What happens now you’ve decided to book us

1. Consultation

Let’s get to know each other

2. Ideas

Share your board on Pinterest

3. Trial

Tailor the look to suit you

4. Wedding Day

OMG jaws drop tongues wagging!

Most brides will have a preconception of how they picture their whole look on their wedding day. Along with venues and deciding who’s made the cut for the day ceremony, you’ve probably thought about little else since you said ‘Yes’!

We will not leave the trial until you are on the edge of joyous tears, with wipes at the ready so you have time to take it all in after we’ve left.

In the lead up to the big day all correspondence is like talking to a friend and it’s really nice putting faces to names on the trial date.

When it comes to the wedding day, I arrive on time, on point, ready to go to work. Having experienced hundreds of pre-wedding mornings I know how stressful things can be.

We’ll try to help out in any way we can, even if that includes giving the occasional bridesmaid a sharp nudge because she needs to get her bum in the chair asap!

The countless ‘Thank you’ cards, emails and texts after the honeymoon and getting the official photography shots sent over make all the effort worthwhile.