Aeos Optimal Essentials Kit

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The people at Aeos were kind enough to send me their products for review. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised, It came in a cute little set of 10 minature products.

What's in the box?

AEOS Cleansing Oil de-Maq 30ml

AEOS Dew Facial Wash 30ml

AEOS Gentle Cleansing Lotion (Blue) 10ml

AEOS Gentle Exfoliant (Blue) 10ml

AEOS Energising Conditioner 10ml

AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist 30ml

AEOS Realive Serum 30ml

AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Blue) 10ml

AEOS Beauty Body Shower 10ml

AEOS Beauty Body Lotion 10ml

AEOS products contain natural, organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essential oils, as well as spagyric tinctures of crystal energies, and the waveforms of colour.

The products in the Optimal Essentials (blue) kit is packed full of hydration and nourishment for your skin.

Kits like this are great to find the products and combinations that best suit you and your skin. Lets be honest, not everything is suitable for everyone and we tend to like different things too. This gives you the opportunity to give everything a try and find out for yourself.

The best way to apply AEOS products?

  • Always apply AEOS products with damp skin.
  • Use gentle circular motions and light patting on the skin.
  • Ensure the correct sequence of AEOS products to allow each of them to be received by the skin and penetrate to deeper layers within the skin structure, according to its needs, and enabling the maximum effect.
  • AEOS products are designed to be used together as a complete skincare solution. To enable the benefit of what AEOS can do for you, we recommend that you use only AEOS products for at least 2 months. This will enable the natural factors of active organic and biodynamic ingredients and crystal essences a chance to bring out a different level of radiance within your skin.

I’m a huge fan, this is a really nice skin care range and I’ve still not tried all of them yet. I even managed to get the hydrating spray onto the other halfs terribly dry face!

I can fit the whole lot in my handbag which is a huge plus as skincare isn’t something I can usually fit in so it remains at home all day.

Swift 'Time Saver' Sequence

Aeos push for customers to use all their products together, I think this is really important and the only way you can give an honest opinion on a full skin care range. How can you possibly know if a product is right for you if you’re using it alongside other brands that may include synthetic chemicals.

Morning routine 


To begin, cleanse with Gentle Cleansing Lotion or Dew Facial Wash


Then, apply Energising Conditioner followed by Refreshing Hydrating Mist


To finish, apply Enriching Moisturiser

Evening routine 


To begin, remove makeup and pollution with Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq and follow by cleansing with Dew Facial Wash


Then, apply Refreshing Hydrating Mist


To finish, apply Enriching Moisturiser

Grab your own kit now

You can get yourself your very own essentials kit from the Aeos website here

I think the price is really good at £68.00 for a whole skin care range!