Bridal Trial pictures

No photoshopping or filters on my pictures

Bridal Wedding Trial pictures
1st September 2015 samanthamercer
bridal trial examples

I really wanted to do this blog post as I always try to show brides our ‘real’ work before booking.

If I was choosing a makeup/hair stylist I would want to see their work straight from the camera roll before any apps were used to make them look ‘perfect’.

With us having such easy access to Kim Kardashian on our phones and every other celebrity it’s hard to see the real from the fake and more recently celebrities have been outed for changing their pictures before publishing them.

I think real work is raw/unfiltered/unphotoshopped which can sometimes be hard to find.

To show a true reflection of our work I have added some bridal trial photos below and again to repeat all the photos are raw images without any photoshopping.