Carrie and Stuart

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Carrie and Stuart are friends of mine, in fact best friends. I knew Carrie wouldn’t want the usual bridal makeup and she didn’t… Red lips and black coal eyes. In day to day life she hardly wears any makeup in fact if we go out together it’s usually the most effort she makes – Brows, mascara, flick and some tinted moisturiser. She thinks I’ll judge – Would I!?

It was nice to do something a little different for a bride but being a bridesmaid too made the wedding morning pretty hectic especially when I’m trying to apply matte red lipgloss on her as we are running out the door – I have a perfect lip line obsession so this didn’t help!

We all had an amazing day and I cried all the way down the aisle, so much so I lost all idea of walking technique and timing. Carrie looked amazing and in true style ended the night with shots and Karoke. Brilliant.

A HUGE thanks to Anthony Molyneux for the photography for their wedding too.

Anthony had his work cut out as Carrie was very specific as to what sort of photography she wanted from the wedding. She did not want family photos or any cheesy set pictures, she wanted in the moment shots with no pre-setting. We even had to bribe her to go onto the sea front and have some photos taken!