How to Choose the Right colour for Your Eyes

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes
15th April 2015 samanthamercer

I’m always asked what the best colours are for every eye colour so I thought I’d put together a post covering all. When making a bit of effort I wear light shades but on a night out it’s ‘pop’ colours.

If you haven’t worn the colours on your eye mentioned below give it a whirl and I promise you will be shocked at the difference it makes.

Makeup can be a daunting subject to think about. When there are so many brands and colours to choose from, sometimes it can seem a little bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to picking the best eyeshadows for your eye colour. So how do you go about picking the best colours for your eyes to make them pop and which ones should you avoid? It is actually quite simple – you just apply colour theory.

Colour theory is useful in any kind of art form, including makeup application! On the colour wheel, there is a primary, secondary and tertiary colour. If you are viewing a colour wheel, you simply have to pick out the colour of your eyes and follow it directly across. There you will find your perfect eye colour!


Blue Eyes

Focus on warm tones since the colour of the eye is naturally cool. In order to bring out the intensity of the blue, use colours such as copper, orange, golds and bronze. If you want to make your eyes lighter or more grey-looking, use deep purple or silver colours.

Brown Eyes

Some people may not like having brown eyes, but you know what? You can rock any colour that you’d like because brown is a neutral colour! You’ll be able to wear loud teals, soft blues, vibrant purples and much more.

Green Eyes

Opposite green on the colour wheel is purple, and any shade of purple will make green eyes pop vibrantly. Use a deep plum to add depth to the eye and then complete the look by adding a brighter colour of purple just above the iris. Pinks are also a great go-to, as well as warm or reddish coloured browns such as brick or rust.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes may be the most difficult eye to pick makeup colours for because they can vary with what colour flecks the iris has. Usually hazel eyes have either gold or green flecks. To play up the green, use purples. If you want it to look more of a light brown, use greys, deep silvers or olive-brown colours. Burgundy is also a unique colour option for a hazel eye.