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Thanks to Roanna

I love lashes especially for a special occasion. I’ve have heard a lot about Eldora lashes, they seem pretty popular with other Makeup artists in the industry so I’ve always wanted to try them. Roanna kindly sent me two pairs to review so here we go!

How to apply eyelashes

I found a link off the Eldora website to a tutorial on how to apply eyelashes, this is always something I get asked so I thought it was a really good place to start.

Real Hair - H152 - £5.50

Half lashes aren’t something I’ve ever really looked into as I usually just cut up full lashes if I ever need them but what a brilliant idea. I’m going to start carrying these with me as I think they will come in really handy with clients that already have lash extensions on or full lashes but more importantly for the more mature ladies. When I’m doing mothers of the brides they don’t usually want lashes, they are a little scared of them having seen TOWIE before!

Half lashes are a lot easier to apply than full and really compliment your eyes. These are that easy to apply I would actually consider wearing them everyday as it would only add a few seconds onto my morning  makeup routine.

Picking the best lashes

A great tip for picking the right eyelashes is to look at the lash line band. The easiest ones to apply are the lashes with the most clear on the band. These will make your life so much easier when applying and blend really well on your lash line.


Dark Synthesis - B155 - £4.25

The double criss-cross lashes are a little different and the point of them is for flexibility. You could even technically have two pairs of half lashes with these ones.

I would use these for a night out due to the effect of them being a little more funky than straight haired lashes. These would also be my go to for photo shoots!

Where to buy

Eldora have a huge range of lashes to suit everyone and every occasion. Explore their website www.eldorashop.co.uk