Real Petal Confetti

Pretty. Smells divine. Falls to perfection

Dollz expand with real petal flower wedding confetti
27th December 2016 samanthamercer

Not ones for missing out on a latests craze.. Real petal confetti.

Confetti seemed to be off radar for a while and a lot of this was due to it not being environmentally friendly, churches and venues quickly put a stop to all confetti…. Until now.

Now we have real petal confetti.


All of our confetti is biodegradable and friendly for the environment.

Your petals will sit pretty on the floor once thrown and will be gone in a few days, you wouldnt’ even know they were there. This makes Mr Vicor very happy!!

Custom Mixes

We’ve done quite a bit of research on the petals and flowers, which are the best, most affordable, look pretty and smell amazing too!

All of our blends are put together by us, all by hand. You will not get a real petal confetti mix the same – Anywhere!

We offer custom mixes whether you’re looking for a completely unique confetti blend for you day or you have several colours in your wedding that you need an expert mix for – We got you!

Limited edition mixes are brought our weekly on our confetti eBay shop – Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Business Update

We have now decided to separate the businesses and the petal confetti mixes will now be under ‘Dollz Confetti’. You can see our full range here

Limited Edition

We love experimenting with our petals and flowers, this leads to our limited edition weekly blends. We pop these on our ebay on auction.

Take a look below at some of our GORGEOUS limited edition confetti that has sold over the past few weeks.

Some of our favourite ingredients

We love colour and we also love searching for new and fabulous petals. Here are some of our most popular florals…

How to buy

Our confetti prices start at £3.99 and can be bought from

When to buy

We advise buying our confetti up to 4 months before your wedding date.

Stored correctly (cool, dry place) it will last up to 12 months.. A cupboard is a good idea.

We can delay your order if you send us a message we will post your selected mix out a month before your big day.