Halloween Bloody Eye Slits

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Here is my first Halloween tutorial of the month, I wanted to start off with something fairly simple and all you’d really need is some Latex which is dirt cheap.

Step One

Firstly I did a quick eye makeup and made sure the area underneath my eye was clean from makeup and oils.

Step Two

Dipping a cotton bud into liquid latex I carefully spread this in an oval underneath the eye area, this can be irritating to the eye and I did find it easier to close my eye while doing it.

Step Three

You will see the latex starting to go transparent as it dries, I wafted mine a little to make this process quicker and once it had dried added another layer on. I repeated this again so in the end there are three layers of latex.

Step four

Next I set the latex with translucent powder, this also makes it a little easier to add products over the top too e.g. foundation that’s coming next.

I added this on with my finger, patting it into the latex to leave a smooth finish.

Step five

Foundation is next to try and blend the latex into the skin, this isn’t a smooth finish but we don’t want it to be – It’s Halloween! I found it easier to pat the foundation on with a brush and then use my fingers where needed to spread and blend further.

Step six

Now we are blended as much as possible it’s time to loosen the latext and pull it downwards to create the pull-down effect.

I loosened the latext from the skin by rubbing and pulling the top part, it comes away quite easy.

Step seven

Now to add the colour… I did this with Snazaroo red paint but you can use lipstick or eyeshadow for this. I just used a general cherry red type colour for this part, carefully pulling down the latex to make sure you colour it all in.

I found a lip brush the easiest for precise application on this as well as getting to the bottom of the latex.

Step eight

Next is to add a darker red around the edges, if you have ever studied a wound it starts to dry around the outer part first which makes it go darker than the middle.

You can dab this to make sure it blends into the bright red. Smaller brush for this step.

Step nine

The exciting  bit with the blood next… I used the lip brush again to get to the bottom of the latex. As it dries its really easy to blend the gel up towards the eye.


I added a little bit of blood at the end right at the bottom of the latex by pulling the flap down. Putting a little on the edges of the latex too.

This is the look finished, it’s something you could do on both eyes for a full look.