Halloween Chelsea Smile

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It was only a matter of time before I had to go ahead and try the chelsea smile for a Halloween tutorial. Here it is!

It’s quite straight forward and how far into it you go is totally up to you, I added eyes and brows at the end but it definitely didn’t require it and kind of took the focus off the smile – Totally up to you, it’s all about trial and error in this business.


Step one


First we need some special effects was, scoop it out and make a flat sausage.

Take the flat sausage and stick it on the side of your face following on from your lip line. I say stick very loosely – Wax hates to stick! The best advice I can give you is to keep moisturising your finger tips to stop the wax sticking to your hands.


Step two


If you can get hold of a spatula or even a childrens knife this will help you out in the next stage, it’s not essential as you can just use your moisturised fingertips.

Hold the wax with one hand while starting the blend the edges onto the face. Push down the ends of the wax and drag it, it pretty much blends itself.


Step three


Once you have all the edges blended onto the face (how frustrating is it) you then need to blend the edges a little further. Do this by applying moisturiser onto your fingers tips and blending/patting the edges of the wax onto your face, you will see the ends disappear.


Step four


Once you’re happy with it it’s time to do the other side, literally repeat the process again.

Do not worry if it’s not perfect this is Halloween after all and you’re doing a sliced open smile so it will just add to the look.


Step five


Now the hard part is over BUT you have to still take care with the wax, it’s so unpredictable and if you open your mouth or touch it in the wrong way it will just peel off.

Latex is next and this helps stick the wax in place so you can worry less. I put latex on and covered the whole wax and blended edges.

You need to repeat this process around three times ensuring each layer is completely dried in between, it will go clear when it’s dry. Some people prefer to use a hairdryer to speed up the process.


Step five


Now we need to set the latex and take the shine off. Use translucent powder to do this with a fluffy brush. This absorbs any oils and will make anything we put on top stick better.


Step six


Now it’s time to make the slits for the smile. I took the sharper end of the makeup spatula to start the slit. You have to be really careful with this part as not to disturb the wax underneath. I did come across the odd part that wasn’t for budging so for this I had some scissors on hand to snip it.


Step seven


So…. I could have lied to you and said everything went perfectly but it didn’t so I decided to share it and then show you how to rectify the problem too.

So I disturbed that wax I love so much! It wouldn’t stick back down on its own so I put some spirit gum behind it (eyelash glue works perfectly too) and pressed it back onto the skin. I then had to blend the best I could again and apply latex three times and dry. Then finally powder over the to take off the shine – Good to go again!


Step eight


Now we start to add colour and make the cut look more realistic. First I took black paint and a small brush. I filled in the whole of the line in between the wax and latex, I made sure to fill all of the skin as I don’t want any of mine on show.


Step nine

Now we want to blend the wax and latex as much as possible, it’s really not something to worry too much about as like I’ve said it’s a wound so it’s not supposed to be perfect.

I took my usual foundation and dabbed it onto the wound and blended it out.

Step ten

Exciting part now where the blood comes into it. For this next part I used a scab gel, you can use thicker blood or mix blood and paint or just add blood on but at this stage we don’t want it dripping down the face. Add this over the black inside the slit again.

If I made any mistakes I just blended them and dabbed it around to add more effect to the cut.

Step eleven

I took an eyeshadow blending brush next and a darker red paint and started dotting it on the outside using my fingers to dab, wipe or smudge for different effects.

Step twelve

More definition for the wound, purple eyeshadow. Again the same thing, add it to the face on the edges of the scar mostly. If you add too much or it doesn’t look right then use your fingers to smudge it out.

Once I’d done that I then used a sponge to create another effect on the wound, dabbing the sponge in different parts and moving it around.

Step thirteen

The look is now technically finished but I wanted to play and add more so this is totally up to you. I did a black smokey eye and darker brows.

Step fourteen

I couldn’t bring myself to stop again, I wanted to added more around the eyes. Using glycerine I dipped it into a deeper purple colour and started dabbing around the eyes. Using my finger tips to dab and move it around my face.

You need to ensure this is dabbed everywhere including on the wound as you want it all to blend together.

Final step

Finitoooooo….. Well one more thing first. The fake blood now need to go into the slit and this is where you can let it run down your face and neck as much as you want!

Enjoy xx