A little time out

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I haven’t blogged for nearly three weeks now but I’m back to it with all reviews, tips and tutorials. At the start of March our little puppy Coco was knocked down and sadly passed away, for anyone that keeps up to date with my work and social sites you will know what a huge part of my life she was. She’s randomly on most of my photos even when I blogged.

Looking through my posts I realise how involved she was with everything I did. We’ve taken a bit of time out as any animal lover knows, it’s a pretty tough time dealing with a missing shadow around the house.

My little shadow

Coco went everywhere with me from 8 weeks old. She was selective of the people she loved but once you had her she was so loyal and loving. Anywhere I was Coco was a few steps behind, she even synced her walk to mine to stop me tripping over her!

I’ve put some of my favourite photos below…. I just feel like I can pick back up again once I’ve done a little blog post dedicated just to her.