Linda and Kevin

Linda and Kevin’s Wedding Day at Racquet Club Hotel in Liverpool
12th November 2015 samanthamercer
Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Lancashire

I was a Liverpool Bridal Makeup artist for Linda’s wedding day. The girls had a beautiful flat with views galore, I got the best seat in the place for the makeup chair. Everyone was giddy and ready to go when we arrived. Airbrushing all the bridesmaids and on to the bride, we had loads of giggles and the flat filled up quickly when the photographer and filming guys arrived.

Joanna Rose Hufton was the photographer, it’s always a pleasant surprise when there’s a lady behind the camera and only adds to the fun with the girls. The wedding shots are in and they are AMAZING! I expect Linda and Kevin are as in love with them, they truly are lovely snaps – Joanna is a top photographer.

Linda had a jam packed day with outfit changes and a huge Chinese banquet – We were a little gutted to not be attending although she did kindly extend the invite.

Follow the storyboard below of the wedding day from start to finish. I wish Linda and Kevin all the very best for their future together xx