How to make a homemade lip scrub you can eat!

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I wanted to start making homemade beauty products to share with you all and use on myself too, using things you will probably have already in your kitchen cupboards.

We question the chemicals going on our skin and being absorbed into our blood stream, this simply takes that worry away!


Manuka honey
Olive oil
Food colouring

Step one

I added a tablespoon of sugar into the bowl, if you’re wanting to make a large batch you can always add more but be aware you then need to add more of the other ingredients too.

Step Two

Add around half a teaspoon of Olive oil to the sugar. You don’t want the scrub too runny so make sure you don’t add too much, I took my time making sure this was mixed with the sugar properly and didn’t need to add anymore.

Step three

Manuka honey in next. You can use normal honey but I had this lying around and if you know anything about Manuka honey you will know of the benefits so I thought it’s absolutely perfect for this.

When I get the lip scrub out it’s usually when the seasons changing and my lips are suffering, Manuka honey is a healing agent so it’s perfect for sore chapped lips too.

I added about half a teaspoon and mixed it into the sugar.

Manuka honey has been used since ancient times to treat multiple conditions. Manuka honey protects against damage caused by bacteria, stimulates production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection and has an anti-inflammatory action that can quickly reduce pain and inflammation once it is applied.

Step four

Here I added the food colouring and flavouring. I happened to have green colouring and peppermint flavouring so that was a match! Firstly adding two drops of colouring I mixed it in and decided I wanted two more drops.

I added two drops of flavouring as I didn’t want anything overpowering especially on my lips. I’m not a huge fan of really fragranced products but you may be!

And you're done!

How quick and easy is that! Once you’re happy with the mixture it’s time to pot it up, I had little eyeshadow pots lying around so I popped them in there.

Extra information

Pop your lip scrub in the fridge, this sets it and prevents the sugar from melting.

For the ultimate scrub use a toothbrush to gently rub the lips with the scrub.


Once you’ve used the lip scrub to polish your lips simply lick them, it’s edible!