Nail Inc

Spray Manicure

Nails Inc spray nail varnish manicure
21st November 2015 samanthamercer

I’m always one for the latest gadget even if I know I will be disappointed, I have to give it a go. This is one of those times thanks to Nails Inc spray nail varnish. Now I have high hopes for this so I will await it’s arrival, currently on pre-order through their website Nails Inc.

Simply apply a base coat for the spray to adhere to and off you go. Obviously this leaves varnish everywhere so you just rinse your hands in warm water to wash off any excess colour from around the nail. Done!

After years in the making I am incredibly excited to be launching the Paint Can. Our customers have been screaming out for ways to reduce dry time and for quick, easy ways to apply colour when on the go,