Spray tans before your wedding day

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One of the most frequent questions I am asked by brides (and clients too) is regarding spray tans before the big day or occasion.

Researching brands is a great place to start especially if you are not familiar with tanning products, there are many available on the market now for at home use, salon and mobile.

Leaving a day or two gap between the wash off period and your wedding day is always best as it gives time for the tan to settle on the skin and you get chance for an application of moisturiser to prevent your skin drying as it sometimes does once tanned.

A trial is really important (for you and the bridal party) as you will know what to have next time, how it looks on your skin, if it’s the right shade and so on. Most offer a discount for multiple bookings so make sure you shop around.

There are many different shades available so don’t think by having a spray tan you are going to be an Umpa Lumpa! The lightest shades usually offer a nice glow to the skin.

From a makeup artists point of view my brides usually just let me know they are having one, we will just use a darker shade of foundation on the day. I never find this to be a problem at all as from the trial we have already established the right foundation for your skin, it just needs to a little darker on the day and sometimes can mean a little less coverage.

I would always urge towards the more expensive brands as the quality is worth every penny, it really does make a difference – Trust me from having tried the upper and lower range on the market.

A professional spray tan is always favoured more as it prevents anything going wrong. Only the other morning i woke up after a self application and had a hand print on my arm! We’ve all been there.

Happy tanning!