A Prom Princess

The Dollz prom it!

Newcastle bound for Prom Hair and Makeup
24th April 2016 samanthamercer

Hannah asked us to do her prom hair and makeup a few months back so off we trotted on Saturday after our Wedding to Newcastle. Two and a half hours later we arrived to a shaking and extremely giddy Hannah.

As you can see from the pictures below she looked like a Princess. The dress was stunning and like nothing we’d ever seen before, how proms have changed over the years hey!

We’ve been lucky enough to have shadowed Hannah for the past few years at Beauty Pageants in the North West so we’ve been able to see her grow into a lovely little lady. Joanne has done a fabulous job of raising her, not only is she gorgeous but also very clever and so very lovely too… A rare find. Hannah is going to go far, we just know it!