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I gave up going on the sunbeds years ago now after all the news started breaking about how bad they were, I think as you get older you start to think more about the health implications of things you’ve always used and done.

Since then I’ve been a total fake tan convert, you see and hear about a lot of tan disasters so I know I spent a long time trying to find tans that worked well for me and gave me the ultimate colour.

While I am pasty sometimes if I am tanning I want the darkest colour possible and I’m a little lazy so the easiest and quickest application.

Urban Tan were kind enough to send me some of their fake tan to try out, I choose the darkest shade they had obviously!

About Urban Tan

Lisa Barnett is the founder and creator of Urban Tan. Having worked in the tanning industry for over a decade she wanted to create a spray tan that would be both natural and bespoke.

Urban Tan shading

Below are a few pictures showing the different shades in their range.

Light | Medium | Medium-Dark | Dark

Urban Tan Dark Diva

I was sent the Dark Diva by Urban Tan. The colours and design are pretty cool on the product and make it look appealing, I think colours are important and I’ve touched subjects before on how different colours make us feel… We all know about keeping cool blues out of the living room as they say it makes you feel cold.

A lotion is never usually my go-to tan as I find it to be quite fussy for application, it basically means I need to be careful when applying it and wear gloves, again not my favourite.

Smell is a winner for me! Anyone that knows me knows I love anything citrus so this hits the nail on the head scent wise. 

The lotion

The lotion is more runny than I’m used to but this didn’t cause me any problems when applying it. I used a mitt instead of gloves as I recently spent a little more on a mitt I bought and it has a protective layer on it to prevent lotions being absorbed on the hand – We’ve all been there!

The tan soaked nicely into the skin and dried in super time too which meant no sticky feeling which is always a winner.

The guide colour was visible in the beginning but quickly disappeared which did make it difficult to see where I’d already done as the colour also went as it was rubbed in.

The result

I slept in the tan as I always do for maximum development time plus there’s less chance of me somehow getting wet that way and smudging the tan.

In the morning I was noticeably darker than before. I had my usual shower first to wash off the guide and reveal the true shade of the tan.

As previously mentioned I was darker than before but not what I would expect from the darkest tan in the range.

A huge part for me too is the duration and wear of a tan. This was really good, it was a pretty even wear off and didn’t leave the noticeable marks on your arms and elbows that a lot of fake tans leave.

You can view the Urban Tan range here

To buy the tan I used and view that range click here

The tan is priced at £19.99