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World Book Day Preparation

Skye’s school was a little late with World Book Day but I was ready for it and this time the alarm was on early, brushes all washed and makeup everywhere.

As when I am about to do any sort of character makeup I always do a bit of research first and get a moodboard together, it helps with ideas and planning ahead will always make your life a lot easier when it comes down to creating the makeup.

Preparing the skin

As with any makeup I always prep the skin especially as Skye is a child and she was wearing the makeup/facepaint all day. She gets quite dry skin so I wanted to try and maintain the moisture as much as possible.

Embryolisse is my go to moisturiser and I used this all over Skye’s face and neck leaving it a few minutes to settle into the skin.

Ghost face

I applied Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in white all over the face with a brush then using a sponge to press it into the skin. I didn’t apply a lot as I wanted it to sink into the skin as opposed to sitting on it… I wanted to avoid Skye transferring as little white to other children as I could!

Black on White

Black Snazaroo Face paint for the neck, I started this then decided to go back to it as I was in a rush for the school run so knew it was something I didn’t need to concentrate on perfecting. If you’re in a rush and you have tricky parts I would always suggest doing these first then you can make the time up on easier bits later.

I then needed the outline of the face using Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner to get a sharp edge. It was a little tricky creating the points in the middle of the forehead and chin but keep at it, it comes together eventually.

Don't you like my normal hair colour Mummy?

I continued with the outline all around the face (Avon Supershock) and then filled it all in with the paint (Snazaroo black paint).

Skye’s hair was up in a tight bun so I could then go over the hair with the black paint too.

In the lugs

When creating such a dramatic look you have to include everything otherwise it just won’t have the effect you want. Taking the paint over and into the ears to make sure the whole head was completely black.

I carefully powdered the face using Illamasqua Translucent powder with two different large fluffy brushes to avoid transferring the black onto the white.

Revenge is sweet

Unfortunately I am missing a few shots here to show the steps for the eye makeup. The camera man didn’t do his job and decided to take selfies…. This is pay back – Feel free to throw darts at him.

Green for the Queen

Brows – Using the black face paint I painted on the brows using Skye’s existing hairs as a guide line. I did sharp edges and made the brows bigger.

Eyes – Green Sleek eyeshdow all over the lid (and underneath) then blend with a fluffy brush into the crease. Purple again from Sleek on the corners top and bottom and blend, this gave the darker contour to the eye look instead of using black as we usually would.

Contour Base

My favourite part is contouring, this is when you really start to get a good idea of the finished product. Contouring allows you to change the shape of the face and create a character. As Skye was the Queen (who is evil) I am keeping any lines very sharp and harsh with little blending.

I went back to the Sleek eyeshadow palette for the purple. Contouring the hollows of the cheeks and blending the (base) contour.

I then used Benefit Hoola for the top contour, this was done in the centre of the purple blended contour from earlier, I didn’t blend this.


Slim the honk

Nose is next on the list, taking the shadow from the end of the brow all the way down the nose and just underneath the tip. Blend the edges.

I had an audience…. Introducing my little Kenny!


I wanted a blusher base and the perfect product for this is Daniel Sandler Waterblush which is waterproof and would help adhere the Bourjois blusher over the top.


Red lip was the colour the Queen wears in the film and red we were having. I used a lip brush and a waterproof matte red lip gloss that I order in from over seas. Again this was something that needed massive durability for the day and I have to say it was a little worn off after school but it was still there, pretty amazing if you ask me!

I slightly went over Skye’s natural lip line to make the lips appear slightly larger to the human eye, this is all exaggerated after all. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to lips so this bit was a little boring for Skye!

Lashes to finish

To finish the look I added a little bit of Max Factor waterproof mascara this would hold for a full day and prevent any smudging as I know she legs it around the play ground on breaks!


Look complete!

I didn’t manage to get that many great ones of her fully dressed as we literally had to run out of the door for school but you can find them all below.