Your Wedding Day

What to expect on your Wedding morning

What to expect on your Wedding Day morning
20th April 2014 samanthamercer

Your wedding day

I have previously done a post on ‘What to expect on your Bridal trial’ and now I’m moving on to the wedding morning.

It would be fab for Brides-to-be to send out to their wedding party too so everyone is on the same page for our arrival.

Venue and Rooms

If you are arriving at your venue beforehand please don’t forget to send us any details we may need especially your room numbers.


We will have arranged starting times prior to your wedding morning along with the time you need to be ready. Some times we can squeeze extra time from the bridal party while the bride gets into her dress.

Hair and showers

When we arrive on the wedding morning everyone needs to be ready to go! We are under strict time limits to make sure everyone is ready on time (the times are worked out for this reason) and we don’t want to have to rush if we don’t need to.

It’s really important that everyone has had a shower and are ready to jump straight in the seats for hair or makeup once we are set up. We’ve known names be taken out of a hat before to decide who goes first!

We prefer everyone not to wash their hair on the morning of the wedding unless you’re having a blow dry. We have all the products in our kits if you’re worried about oily hair so don’t worry.

Makeup preperation

Everyone should be fresh faced for our arrival, you don’t need to bother with moisturing as I will go round everyone before you get in the chair and put some on so it has time to settle into the skin before your makeup is applied.

Make sure all eye makeup is removed, I know it’s sometimes tricky to get off old mascara but if it remains on it crumbles throughout the day and will fall onto the face and we don’t want that happening!

Pictures and Ideas

From the trial we already know the hair and makeup for the bride. We don’t always get chance to discuss all the bridesmaids/Mums styles as most of the time everyone is still deciding.

Magazine cut outs or photos on your phone are all great for us to get an idea of the look you are wanting.

I don't want to go first!

This is the biggest dilemma we face… No one wanting to go first especially for makeup.

Please bear in mind that our makeup and hair is done in such a way that it’s made to last all day and night. We are there for the whole morning and will make sure you are all fresh to go. We go through everyones hair and makeup making sure everyone is happy and applying any touch-ups before we leave.

We have also found from doing many weddings now that the ones that do go first always come to us and say they are glad they put themselves forward first as they then had chance to chill and get involved with anything going on; flowers arriving and helping the bride with final touches etc.

Brides turn

I’m pretty flexible with this and do leave it up to the brides. I would always steer the bride away from going last as you are our priority and we can still be doing the bridal party as you get into your dress and have a little chill time with a glass of champagne.

I usually tell all my brides to let me know when they are ready to go and I will pop them in the next slot. Hair or makeup can be first but I would recommend makeup so the hair can be set afterwards especially if you are having it sweeping over the face.

Never leave the seat empty

We know wedding mornings get crazy especially as time starts to run out. One of the main worries is timing especially for the brides and for us this is one of the most important things on our list.

We ask everyone to be ready for both hair and makeup as soon as our chairs become free, it’s honestly amazing how much time everyone thinks we have then before you know it we are running on an hour to go.

We rely on the bridal party to help us out with everything running smooth with regards to timings and keeping the bride calm.

We're there till the end

We don’t just do makeup and hair you know….

Many a time we are called in to help the bride get dressed, fasten the bridesmaids dresses and fix the jewellery. It’s such a personal moment for all involved and we love being a part of it.

You may even catch us getting a little emotional!

See you all soon!

We can’t wait to see you all on your wedding day, it’s such a special day and we are so greatful that you chose us to be a part of it all.

See you all bright and early on your wedding day!!!!