White Halloween Zombie Makeup

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Skye’s had quite a few different looks this Halloween and this was the last for Trick or Treating. I wanted to make it pretty quick as I think her patience was growing thin too.

I’ve seen a lot of home made recipes instead of using latex so I gave this a go for this look, I will do a separate blog post for the recipe too.

Skin prep

I prepped Skye’s skin using a moisturiser and then a cream I got for applying before latex from a company (there’s not name on it). I do think it’s just a general moisturiser though!

Gelatine mix

This is the gelatine. I made it last weekend and what I had left then set and I put it in the fridge, it really is good stuff and more so for using on children I think. While I have used latex on Skye before surely something you can eat is way better for her and anyone else for that matter.

The left is the set mixture fresh out of the fridge and the right is the melted version once it’s been in the microwave.

Step One

Use gelatine in the same way as the latex, small layers and plenty of them. When I say plenty I mean plenty. As it took so long I used a hair dryer in between to stop Skye’s face going sour.

Step Two

Putting the hairdryer on a cool setting and carefully dry the gelatine on the face. I had to be careful with this as it wasn’t fully cool so was careful not the melt it back off again!

Step Three

Here we just repeat the step one and step two again. This needs to be done numerous times. I even left it for ten minutes to air dry as well as the hair dryer too.

Step Four

As the layers start to build up you will see that drips start to set and at this point I get a little more daring with the amount I add to start creating a texture.

I had to leave the jug under the face to catch the drips then quickly use the dryer to set it.

Layers later

As you can see the layers are coming together well. At this point you can choose when you’d like to stop. The one I did the previous weekend I wanted big drips coming off the face but for this look I just want a bit of texture.

Step Five

I tested the gelatine to make sure it was set-ISH – I didn’t really want to wait for it to fully set as we were biting into sweet collecting time now!

In random places all over the face (using tweezers) I made incisions and holes, make as many as you like for this.

Step Six

I started to add the colour to the incisions made. First with a brighter red then adding a darker red all the way around the edges, you can use a cotton bud to blend it if needs be.

I then added black on the edges randomly to make the wounds look like they were slightly healing.

Step Seven

I maybe should have done this just before adding colour to the open wounds but I wanted it to set a little more while I did those. Using a translucent powder I quite heavily powdered over the whole gelatine.

I then started painting the face with white paint. Not forgetting this is a zombie look, this doesn’t have to be equal and perfect but try and avoid the open wounds too much. A little is good as it makes them look more realistic.

Step Eight

I used black paint to define parts of the face. Nostrils, any deep holes from the gelatine, eyelids and under the eye.

Step Nine

I brought some red into the look around the eyes. blending it into the black and white on the face.

Step Ten

Contouring next. I contoured using the fish face and under the jaw too. I then lightly went over the face as the textured parts picked up the black paint instead of all the face which is what I wanted as it highlighted crinkles and drips on the face.

Step Eleven

Scab gel was next added to the wounds with smudging around them to make them look a little more realistic.

Step Twelve

I started to add the gel randomly over the face including the eyes and lips too.

Final stage

Lastly I added dripping blood to the look. From just under the eyes and in some of the wounds too, I allowed it to drip and then caught the end of it to stop it. It freaks Skye out a little when she can feel it running down her face!


We then got dressed and added talc powder to the hair too. Finished!