World Book Day

Cat Tutorial

World Book Day Cat Tutorial
13th March 2015 samanthamercer

Skye’s school did World Book Day a little late this year in fact on Red Nose Day today! This gave me enough time to prepare though as with having an 8 week old baby things aren’t that easy anymore!

The theme was Nursery Rhymes and it was between a spider or cat, a few of her friends were spiders so we went with the cat from ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’.

Products used

Below are the products I used to create the look:

  • Snazaroo paint – Black, Brown, White and Beige
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
  • Urban Decay Black eyeshadow

Step One

Firstly I moisturised the skin and then applied the brown lightly around the face/hair line and contoured the cheeks and nose too.

Step Two

Using the white paint I filled in the gaps on the chin, above the lip, bridge of the nose, centre of forehead and the eyes. I found it really easy to blend when applying lightly so make sure you don’t go in with a loaded brush.

I used a fluffy brush for both the brown and white applications.

Step Three

I used an eyebrow brush to brush up the brows and then filled them in with the brown paint. I did the brows in a straight line and then used the brush again to brush upwards on the top of the brows.

Step Four

I then loaded a bit more brown onto the brush (eyebrow brush) and did flashes of colour coming off the brows upwards.

Step Five

The eyes next. Black paint on the lid and then blend it out as you would when doing your eyeshadow. As I previously said if you keep it light it’s really easy to work with. I’m obviously working on tiny eyes so the last thing I want is too much product with no space to blend out.

Step Six

I went over the eyes with a black eyeshadow and again blended it and then using the paint again created a flick from the outer corner of the eye.

Take the paint and then eyeshadow underneath the eye too.

Step Seven

Nose on next (black paint) and then a line going from the center of the nose to the center of the cupids bow.

Step Eight

Next was starting on the pattern… Make it a little more Cat-like!

Taking the brown again and on all the brown parts I created ‘U’, ‘I’ and ‘O’ shapes. These were rough as you can see as markings are never perfect.

Step Nine

Using the beige I put dots (not perfect) in the center of the ‘U’ and ‘O’ shapes.

Step Ten

Dots, whiskers and I added some more flicks to the brows in black. Perfection went out of the window for me here to make it look a little more life-like as opposed to a straight lined drawing effect.

Step Eleven

The eyes had started the crease so I went back over with black eyeshadow again to try and set them.

Step Twelve

To finish the cat eyes I added opposite end flicks from the inner corner of the eye with a straight brush again to make the line easier to create.


Below is the finished look once the monster went off to get changed into her outfit.