Zombie Princess using blood, gel, wax and latex

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It was the Halloween disco at school again and this time I had to come up with something that no only Skye agreed to but that won us the ‘Best dressed’ award again. The pressure was on. As Skye’s a little older I decided it was time to bring out the special effects this time so we combined that with princess and had a winner.


What I used

Special effects wax

Mehron scar liquid


Scab gel

Illustrator palette


Suitable compromises


One thing I used to hate when looking for makeup inspiration was the products that I just didn’t have at home and also wasn’t willing to spend that amount of money for just one look.

A compromise. Please don’t think you have to go out and buy everything I’ve used because you don’t, there are really good alternatives which will not affect the final look and you will most likely have these around the house.


Compromise box


Special effects wax

You can also use latex for this or Snazaroo also sell it for £4.99 on ebay

Mehron scar liquid

I don’t know of a replacement for this but it’s a great investment here


This is cheap as chips but you can also make your own here

Scab gel

You can just use blood for this with a brush so it doesn’t run

Illustrator palette

Snazaroo or any face paints are a great alternative to illustator


Again you can pick up latex pretty cheap, £2.19 here

Night before preperation


We started prep the night before to get excited and obviously maximum effect put in!

A princess dress was required which was ripped and shredded. Using black, brown and red paint I smeared it randomly over the dress. Last was blood that we dripped on and rubbed in to make sure it dried and didn’t drip on my cream carpet!

We washed Skye’s hair the night before, added mousse and tightly french plaited it.


Dolly prop


We got to damage a doll for Skye’s prop, this was the mans job which he seemed to enjoy. Paint, blood and taking it’s eye out with the kitchen knife!


Prepping the skin


Okay, here goes. I prepped the skin firstly as I wanted to make the removals process as easy as possible otherwise I knew this would be the last time Skye ever let me near her with special effects ha!

I recently ordered some latex and with that the company sent me a moisturiser to apply before the latex. I wanted to double up with this so applied a general moisturiser first and then this latex moisturiser on top.


Step One


I went with the latex on the forehead first. Dipping the latex with a foundation brush making sure the layer is thin. 


Step Two


Next was the base for the scarring liquid. Using a red paint I put the scars randomly spread out across both sides of the face.

Once the paint dried I went back over it with a damp cotton bud and smudged the edges.


Step Three


By now the first layer of latex is dry so it’s time for the next. Again, a fine layer with a foundation brush going over the same area as before.


Step Four


Using the Mehron scar liquid now to go over the base of the scars on each side of the face. I did a fine layer and covered the whole scar from top to bottom.


Step Five


I wanted to create some texture in latex for more of an impact, I was on borrowed time with 7 year old boredom kicking in so anything to make the process quicker!

Using toilet roll I separated the layers (usually to layers) and ripped it into small pieces. There’s nothing neat about this, just ensure the pieces are small enough to fit in pieces on the forehead.

If you struggle sticking bits then just add another layer of latex and stick.


Chocolate break


Yes, I did the number one parent no no – Bribery with chocolate. Shoot me!

Ensure you cover the whole area unless you only want certain parts rough. I scrunched some parts and just put a few layers on others.


Step Six


Go back over the scars with the liquid each time you get chance, the face will start tightening as you go and looking more like an old indented scar. I did around 4 layers of this.


Step Seven


Time to add some colour now and this is all about building up a realistic looking wound. It can be quite hard and even I have points where I’m not sure it’s looking real enough.

Look at pictures of wound and try to get an idea of colours and shading. A good starting point is always make the edges of any open wounds a darker shade of red as the outside dries out first and scabs over so it makes a huge difference in the look of the wound.

I used tweezers, scissors and my fingers to make random holes in the latex. Using a cotton bud and red paint I coloured in the holes.


Step Eight


Adding colour I find the hardest. The best way is to add the colours you think will work just to see how it looks. As you can see from the pictures a few of the colours just don’t look right but it’s okay as you build up the shading. While a yellow/orange may not look right once it has red over the top it can look like puss so it’s really just about getting the colouring right, don’t be afraid to add it as it’s easily covered.


Step Nine


I used a sponge to add some black on around the wound and then started to add the scab gel in the wounds. Smudge and cover all the areas to make it look more realistic.


Step Ten


I used a mascara wand to start creating different looks/textures. The mascara wand makes marks look almost like scratches, again randomly placed.


Step Eleven


Start adding the colour all over depending on where the outfit goes up to. I used my fingers for most of this as again it can look like scratches and scuffs. Sponge, fingers, mascara wand and brushes – Create lots of different looks and see what works.


Step Twelve


Arms and legs time. Again if they’re on show make sure they match up to your face.


You can complete the look here


The look is pretty much complete here apart from the blood running which is for the ‘literally about to walk out the door’ part. Anything from here is me being a perfectionist!


Scar amendments


I wasn’t keen on the scar, it blended in too much with the rest of the look so I decided to add some pink to it, this was a Barry M lipstick. I smudged it with my fingers to blend a little.

I STILL wasn’t happy as it was too pink so I then went over the pink with foundation and this made a massive difference, I was happy at last!




I took the plaits out to see what I was left with. Using some dry shampoo and a back-combing brush to make the roots stand on end. The bigger the better.


Chest wound


I couldn’t leave it there, I wanted to do a chest wound!

Using wax I took out a chunk and made a sausage with it. I wanted it the full length of the chest so keep rolling. I then flattened the sausage and placed it on Skye’s chest.

Using a soft knife, blend the edges of the wax onto the skin. If you’re unsure of how to do this I show you on the Chelsea smile tutorial here.

I then did the centre with red paint and the edges with black.


Adding blood to the wound


To finish the wound I added blood with a brush so it didn’t run anywhere. A mixture of scab gel and blood makes any wound look realistic and adds the finishing touch to it.


Finishing off


I decided to pin Skye’s hair up in the end. Once she was dressed we then added the blood, if any dripped I just smudged it into her skin and dress.


And here you have one Zombie Princess

Here is the finished look with the doll added into the mix. Skye does smile by the way… she was in character ha ha!